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The need of IT experts in your business cannot be overemphasized, as it to a large extent affects several IT-related decisions which translates to an improved business outfit. Our job is to oversee a smooth transition from an obsolete system to a newer one, perfectly insulating against long system outages which will affect the productivity of your business. MSCS to a detailed degree helps you make the right decisions, with the best practices in issues that concern choosing the right software.

Medical IT Setup & Maintenance

Considering the processes involved, bringing together and effectively running a medical practice is not easy, and therefore requires the knowledge of an IT professional. Handing over these functions to us will eliminate several stressors that are associated with setting up your practice from start to finish, help you streamline your IT operations to meet up with the modern-day practices, or merely help keep your current system running. This will enable you to concentrate on the medical needs.

eHealth & PIP (PCEHR)

Contemporary health practices like eHealth PIP and PCEHR (Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records) is characteristic of every Australian medical practice nowadays. The system, potentially moving from an opt-out to an opt-in system will pose great challenges to many medical structures. As experts, we can handle any type of software you employ in practice management and help you express dissatisfaction.

Medical IT Support and Services

Extensive Medical IT Experience

As far as health is concerned, avoidable errors are not acceptable. At MSCS, our services go beyond just setting up your practice, as it also involves the installation of new EFTPOS machines.
We are a result oriented company with a group of highly skilled staff. Our staff, well-grounded and easy-going will tailor your service in the most effective way according to your personal need. Customer satisfaction is our priority, we always do our best to keep you serve you in a manner that is second to none whilst thus creating a bond that reassures you that you’re a part of MSCS.

Whether big or small, we treat every job with first-class professionalism. Be sure to give us a call, we’re happy to be at your service.

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